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Covid-19 Safety Protocols

In response to the worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020, the Eliot Hotel has implemented the following, robust, multi-level operational protocols to comply with recommendations by the CDCOSHAAHLA, and by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Workplace Reopening Plan for Operators of Lodgings.

A Covid-19 Travel Advisory in Massachusetts is effective as of March 22, 2021. All visitors entering Massachusetts, including returning residents are advised to quarantine for 10 days upon their arrival.

~ Travelers are exempt from this advisory if they have a negative COVID-19 test result that has been administered up to 72 hours prior to their arrival in Massachusetts. If not obtained before entry to Massachusetts, a test may be obtained after arrival, as long as travelers quarantine until a negative test result has been received.

~ Anyone who is returning to Massachusetts after an absence of fewer than 24 hours is exempt from this Advisory.

~ Workers who enter Massachusetts to perform critical infrastructure functions (as specified by the Federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) are exempt from this advisory while they are commuting to or from or while at work.

~ Travelers who are fully vaccinated (i.e. who have received two doses of either the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine OR who have received a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, 14 days or more ago) and who do not have symptoms are exempt from this advisory.

~ We ask all potential guests to please be certain to review the Travel Advisory.

The Eliot Hotel recognizes that the Covid-19 Pandemic has changed how the hotel’s operations function. But guests can be assured that the attention to detail that has always been a hallmark of our personalized guest service will be evident in our thorough approach to ensure the highest levels of safety for our guests and employees.


  • Rooms are assigned with social distancing in mind, keeping guests as far apart as possible. Guests have the choice to request housekeeping service during their stay.
  • In addition to standard cleaning policies, a comprehensive, multi touch-point check list has been implemented, ensuring all touch points are sanitized.
  • Each room is inspected independently by the Housekeeping Supervisor.
  • Minibars are not restocked during the guest stay.
  • EPA-approved cleaning product is utilized.
  • Cleaning and turndown services are only provided while guest is not in the room.
  • All public areas and identified public touchpoints are frequently sanitized.
  • Sanitizer dispensers are placed on each floor and in the lobby.
  • Social distancing is required, with directive signs placed in hallways, elevators and lobby.
  • Staff are trained to exercise proactive distancing.
  • Protocols are in place to manage distancing during busy periods when there are multiple guests.
  • All staff are trained on new operational protocols and wear PPE. Guests are provided PPE kits.
  • All staff self-monitor body temperature prior to coming to work. Anyone with a temperature of or more than 100.4f, (38c), does not come to work. If an employee tests positive, Boston DPH is informed.
  • The hotel provides an infrared thermometer for additional proactive screening measures. The front desk sanitizes the thermometer after each use.
  • A room used by a positive guest is only resold after undergoing enhanced sanitization protocols per CDC.
  • Delivery of items to rooms is done on sanitized trays and guest informed.
  • Touchless registration and payment options have been implemented.
  • Room keys are sanitized, and guests retain the room key for the duration of their stay.
  • Self-parking is encouraged. If valet parking is chosen, valets use gloves and sanitize door handles, guest car keys, and place a protective plastic covering on steering wheel.
  • Vendors allowed into the hotel will be required to adhere to all protocols.


The protocols are organized into several broad domains as follows:

  1. Cleaning and sanitization protocols.
  2. Establishment and enforcement of social distancing protocols.
  3. Establishment of screening protocols.
  4. Establishment of administrative protocols that result in migration of in-person operations to touchless or virtual based operations.

Cleaning and Sanitization Protocols for Guest Rooms

Housekeeping Staff and PPE

  • All Housekeeping staff, as well as all hotel staff, are required to wear masks and gloves when attending to guest rooms or performing any other Housekeeping function.
  • Instruction for proper administration and removal of masks and gloves is provided through training by the Housekeeping Supervisor. PPE is discarded daily and uniforms changed daily in employee locker rooms.

Guest rooms will only be cleaned if a guest is not present. 

  • Guests have the option to choose housekeeping services during stay.
  • Guests requiring full service provide the hotel with a time frame of when they will not be in the room to assist in coordinating cleaning.
  • Turndown service is available only as a requested service. Guests will need to vacate room for this service to occur.

Guest room cleaning procedures:

  • In addition to standard room cleaning procedures, all touchpoints are cleaned and sanitized. A laminated checkpoint list is provided for each housekeeper to ensure all touchpoints are cleaned and sanitized.
  • Remote controls are cleaned and sanitized.
  • EPA approved cleaning products are utilized. The hotel maintains an official composition list of all cleaning products in the MSDS.
  • Minibars are not restocked during occupancy to minimize potential contamination, but items are available upon request.

Placement of rooms and staffing allocation to support social distancing

  • Rooms are assigned with distancing in mind, keeping guests as far apart as possible.
  • Supervisors inspect rooms independently.
  • Housekeepers adhere to a staggered lunch break schedule, ensuring social distancing in the lunchroom with maximum of 2 staff members, if necessary, at any time.
  • Housekeepers’ work schedules are staggered for arrival and departure time to ensure limited occupancy of locker rooms. Housekeeping support services, such as houseman duties, are performed in a coordinated effort to support social distancing.

Cleaning and Sanitization Protocols for Public Areas.

All public areas are cleaned, and touchpoints sanitized.

  • These areas include hallways, stairwells, the hotel’s elevators, the upper lobby, the lower lobby, the business center, guest bathrooms, the boardroom, the private dining room, the main entry vestibule and the lower entry level. (*Restaurant spaces, both patron dining areas and preparation/kitchen areas, are addressed separately.)
  • Touchpoints in the lobby, elevators, public bathrooms and stairwells are disinfected at frequent and regular intervals. 
  • Sanitizer dispensers are installed on each floor and in the lobby to facilitate disinfection after utilizing any touchpoint or object.
  • The boardroom and private dining room are disinfected after and before utilization.
  • Front desk staff sanitize the business center and back office touchpoints after each use.
  • A Team member is responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the front vestibule touch points, the front door and any utilized lobby seating at regular intervals. Sanitizer supplies are monitored and filled in order to maintain adequate product for our guest’s safety.

Social Distancing Protocols Throughout the Hotel

Public area social distancing measures.

  • All hotel staff is trained prior to returning to the hotel about PPE, sanitization and proper social distancing protocols established within the hotel.
  • Social distancing is defined as distance of 6’ (2 m) or greater.
  • Masks must be present and worn when such distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Staff is mindful to take initiative to move their own location in a proactive manner to create proper distancing space.

Signage is installed for guests and staff..

  • Signs are placed in the upper and lower lobby which direct guests to socially distance.
  • A framed message is placed between both elevators on each floor to inform guests the elevators can only be used for one party at a time.
  • Signs are placed in the main hallway of each floor reminding guests to maintain 6’ (2m) of separation.
  • Back of the house locations have signs directed to employees.

Front Desk staff is trained to manage check-ins as follows:

  • Staff wears masks and gloves.
  • Front desk operations have been adjusted by extensions to where guests stand and by newly installed PC moveable stands that allows staff to move and maintain proper distancing. 
  • Guests are identified by name. Touchless check-in is confirmed.
  • Non-Touchless check-in guests are asked to insert their card in the card reader on the adjacent lobby table (with sanitizer).
  • Guests are directed to the hotel website for important and relevant information which will address FAQs and, thereby limit a guest's time at the desk.
  • Guests are handed a (disinfected) room key and asked to retain the key for the duration of their stay.
  • Upon check out, received keys are cleaned and sanitized. Keys are only touched with gloves.
  • Guests requiring bellman assistance are informed to please allow bellman to deliver luggage first.
  • Guests are directed to the elevators.
  • Upon check out, electronic folios are emailed to the guest.
  • Minor cash transactions or printed folio requests are performed quickly and under social distancing parameters.
  • Used pens are disinfected before redeployment.

Multiple guests checking in at once

  • Multiple guest parties arriving at the same time are directed to wait in predesignated lobby areas that support proper social distancing protocols.
  • Staff uses tablet to check in parties waiting in designated areas and to expedite movement of guests into their rooms.
  • If the lobby is particularly full, the doorman confirms available waiting space in the lobby and, if full, will ask the guest to wait just until a designated space becomes available.

Doorman and Bellman Operations

  • The doorman and bellmen wear gloves.
  • The hotel recognizes and encourages guests to handle their own luggage and, as such, bell staff is reduced.
  • Self-parking of guest vehicles is strongly encouraged.
    • Doorman informs guest to check in first and then provides directions to garage via a text or email with the garage location. Small cards with the garage address and directions are available for guests without such technology.
    • If Valet parking is chosen: Doorman informs guest that the steering wheel will be protected with a plastic cover and that the door handle and car keys will be sanitized after retrieval. Standard verbal disclosures and a parking receipt are provided.  Guests may choose to have an image of the parking receipt texted or emailed to them.
  • Doorman refrain from opening doors of guest vehicles and taxis.
  • The Doorman ascertains if a designated waiting area in the lobby is available and directs guest there or to the front desk.  

Proactive Screening Protocols 

Controlling Potential Infection

  • Employees will be instructed to self-monitor and take their temperature daily before work. If over 100.4f, 38c (CDC), the employee will not be allowed to come to work and is informed to quarantine. Assistance is provided by offering resources for medical referral and closest testing locations.
  • The hotel will notify the Boston Department of Public Health and work collaboratively to contact trace and determine which co-workers will also need to isolate and self-quarantine, and which other employees the DPH recommends obtaining testing.
  • The hotel makes infrared thermometers available for use at the front desk as an additional proactive screening option. Front desk staff ensure the thermometer is sanitized after each use.
  • In the event of a guest with presumptive or confirmed infection, the room used may only be returned to service after undergoing an enhanced sanitization protocol in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Vendors are restricted. Those who are allowed in the hotel will be required to adhere to all SOPs.

  • Vendors have been screened and notified to leave packages outside of the hotel delivery area and will contact the hotel that a delivery is waiting.
  • Point person is designated to coordinate receipt of packages and deliveries.

PPE is provided for guests in the form of a sanitary gift kit consisting of a plastic pouch containing a face mask. Each guest in a party is provided with the PPE gift kit.

Delivery of requested item to a room. (From any department)

  • The hotel maintains a supply of delivery trays and luggage racks.
  • Requested items are placed in the trays and left in front of the room. Guests are informed once items have been delivered.
  • Larger items, or items on large trays, are placed on a luggage rack in front of guest door and then guest is notified of delivery.
  • Housekeeping sanitizes trays and luggage racks before and after use.

Administrative Protocols to Establish Touchless/Virtual Guest Services

Utilization of interactive guest service overlay to provide touchless check-in.

  • A Three-Day Pre-Arrival Notice is sent to guests that contains the following information:
    • Welcome Information.
    • Covid-19 Hotel Assurance Statement.
    • Notice that valet and self-parking options are both available and the doorman will provide further information upon checking-in.
    • Additional information to be sent on arrival day notice.
  • Arrival Day Notice is sent to guests containing the following information:
    • A Look Forward to Welcoming you Notice is provided.
    • An E-Registration directive is accessed via a hyperlink in the message.
    • E-registration includes a Covid-19 Affidavit. Guests acknowledge: “To the best of my knowledge I am not infected with the Covid-19 virus and am not currently experiencing symptoms associated with the virus. I have taken my temperature on this arrival date and confirm it is less than 100.4f (38c)”
    • Notice to inform guest that a Credit Card Authorization will be sent and requesting it be completed to facilitate touchless payment.
    • Notice to contact the concierge, accessed via a hyperlink, to assist with planning virtually.

The hotel manually forwards the same overlay information to OTA guests in order to establish touchless registration conformity among all guests.

QR Reader access to our website allows guests to access the following information:

  • A summary of the Covid-19 protocols in place, assuring guests of their safety.
  • A request to please comply with protocols for the safety of all.
  • An invitation to call the Front Desk for any questions or additional information.
  • A description of the procedure for requested items delivered on trays and then that the guest is informed that the item is at the door.
  • Notice informing guests only one party is allowed at a time in the elevator.
  • An additional important Information section which include
    • Non-Smoking disclosure
    • Pet Policy Disclosure
    • Parking Policy Disclosure
  • Updated Covid-19 Protocol compliant dining and room service options.
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