Privacy Policy for The Eliot Hotel

The Eliot Hotel values your privacy


The privacy and confidentiality of our guests’ (and potential guests’) information is important to us here at The Eliot Hotel. We are dedicated to maintaining the privacy and security of your information. This commitment extends to the privacy and security of information collected about you while visiting our website, 

Our goal is to provide you with an Internet experience that delivers the information, resources and services that are most relevant to you. To achieve this goal, our website may gather certain types of information about you necessary to engage in the uses described in this Privacy Policy. Because we understand that your privacy is important, we wish to explain the types of information that we gather and the ways in which we use it. This Privacy Policy covers two types of information gathered on our website: personal information and aggregated data.

Personal Information

What It Is. The term “personal information” refers to data you voluntarily provide in connection with use of the website that identifies you and/or the company on whose behalf you are accessing and using the website. Personal information includes, but is not necessarily limited to, data submitted in connection with our services, such as your name, e-mail address, phone number, company affiliation, physical address and/or certain other personal information. 

How It’s Used. We take the utmost care to ensure that you are aware of and agree to the way(s) in which we use your personal information. For example, you may wish to submit an information request about our hotel, participate in one of our promotions or subscribe to our e-mail or postal mailing lists. In response, we may ask for information such as your name, e-mail address, or postal address. In the event you opt to provide us with this information, we will only use it for the purpose specified by you at the bottom of the information gathering form or otherwise for a purpose that is apparent by context.

Other personal information collected on the website may be used to:

•    Register you as a hotel member
•    Plan and purchase hotel accommodations
•    Enter your email in our promotions
•    Market products and services to you
•    Respond to your questions or suggestions
•    Improve the quality of your visit to our site

We may collect and use personal information that you submit on our website in any manner that is consistent with uses stated in this Privacy Policy or disclosed elsewhere on the website at the point you submit such personal information. At the time you submit personal information or make a request, the intended use of the information you submit will be apparent in the context in which you submit it and/or because the website states the intended purpose.

By submitting personal information on our website, you are giving your consent and permission for any use that is consistent with uses stated in this Privacy Policy or disclosed elsewhere on the website at the point you submit such personal information, and such consent will be presumed by The Eliot Hotel, unless you state otherwise at the time you submit the personal information. Please do not request any such communications on behalf of an individual or company if you are not authorized to make the request.

Disclosure. We do not sell, rent or share any of your personal information with any other party including any third-party joint promoters, nor use it for unapproved commercial purposes, except to the extent described in this Privacy Policy. On a limited basis, Eliot may share information for marketing purposes, such as through the use of cookies. If you decide to make an online reservation on our website, you may be linked to a reservation interface and third party booking engine (“Booking Engine Vendor”). While this may appear to be part of our website, the reservation functionality may in fact be provided by a third party Booking Engine Vendor. All of our Booking Engine Vendors have implemented comprehensive security programs.

Opting Out. All forms will provide an opt-out option to allow you to choose not to participate in hotel lists and future online marketing. In deciding whether or not to join such lists, please note that they are only used for hotel purposes or in joint promotions with our partners. You may request to be removed from our lists at any time. If, after permitting use of your personal information, you later decide that you no longer want us to include you on our mailing list or otherwise contact you or use your personal information in the manner disclosed in this Privacy Policy or on our website, simply tell us by sending an e-mail, or by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of our email communication to you. Your personal information will be stored until such a time that you opt out or unsubscribe. 

Aggregated Data

What It Is. The term “aggregated data” refers to general information regarding visitors and users of the website that relates to use of the website, such as traffic patterns, number of visits to certain pages, visits from other web sites or to third-party web sites linked to the website, use of particular services and interest in services, information or features of the website or other parties made available through or found at the website.

How It’s Used.  We are always interested in improving our website and developing and offering new features and services. We monitor aggregated data regarding use of the website for marketing purposes and to study, improve and promote use of the website. 

Disclosure. In connection with the purposes described above, we may share aggregated data with third parties collectively and in an anonymous way. Disclosure of aggregated data does not reveal personal information about you in any way that identifies who you are or how to contact you.


We would like our website visitors to feel confident about using our website to plan and purchase their accommodations, so we are committed to protecting the information we collect. We have implemented a security program to keep information that is stored in our systems protected from unauthorized access. 

Our website is hosted in a secure environment. The website servers/systems are configured with data encryption, or scrambling, technologies, and industry-standard firewalls. When you enter personal information during the reservation process, or during a customer email sign-up, your data is protected by our secure technology to ensure safe transmission.

We may provide links to a number of other web sites that we believe might offer you useful information and services. However, those sites may not follow the same privacy policies as us. Therefore, we are not responsible for the privacy policies or the actions of any third parties, including without limitation, any web site owners whose sites may be reached through this Site, nor can we control the activities of those web sites. We urge you to contact the relevant parties controlling these sites or accessing their on-line policies for the relevant information about their data collection practices before submitting any personal information or other sensitive data.


Use of our website signifies your consent, as well as the consent of the company on behalf of whom you use the website and whose information you submit (if any), to this on-line Privacy Policy, including the collection and use of information by The Eliot Hotel, as described in this statement, and also signifies agreement to the terms of use for the website. Continued access and use of the website without acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy relieves The Eliot Hotel from responsibility to the user.


We may update this policy from time to time, so please stay connected. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time; notice of changes will be published on this page. Changes will always be prospective, not retroactive.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or the use of your information, please do not hesitate to contact Pascale Shlaefli at